About the Factory

Our mission is to make your life more awesome.

People said that a specialty coffee shop wouldn't last in downtown Mocksville, but we were out to prove it could. What we have discovered over two years in is that we didn't prove anyone wrong. Our customers did.

At first we were just like "hey wouldn't it be cool to own a coffee shop in town?". Then the ideas started coming together, and with the help of a local investor who wanted to see if it could work, we were able to open the shop in May 2016.

We wanted to have a charming spot where people could come and get a great cup of coffee or latte. That wasn't enough. We realized we wanted to be intentional about having a heart for our community. We want to know you, and we want you to know us - not just nameless faces going through the motions of life. You bring in a piece of who you are into The Factory... your joys... your burdens. We'll hear you out while serving you a tasty beverage.

Although The Factory was started by Clifton and Jessica Lawson, we now have new owners - The David Troyer Family - with that same level of commitment to our local community.