The Factory Coffee House is a coffee shop located in historic downtown Mocksville NC. Our baristas will treat you with kindness, and craft your drink with both love and skill. Our shop is designed to feel like a French farmhouse. Grab your drink and chat with a friend or make a brand new one. We want you to feel at home here. It's not just our place. It's YOUR place too.


As of May 2018, we now roast our own coffee. Our roaster is a Probat P12, and is set up in King NC. We believe strongly in honoring the coffee farmers' intentions, and that is why our coffee program is focused on single origin coffee instead of using blends. Our most popular roast is "Solex," a Colombia Huila that you'll find in house pulling double duty for both drip brew and espresso. We feature a lighter roasted Peru Cajamarca in our cold brew.