Hot Drinks

    • Hot Drinks

    • espresso

      2 shots. Strong, dark roasted coffee, quickly brewed under pressure.

    • cortado

      2 shots espresso, cut with warm milk. 8oz.

    • latte

      Espresso, steamed milk & a layer of foam.

    • cappuccino

      Equal parts espresso, steamed milk & foam.

    • mocha

      Chocolate ganache (made in-house), espresso, & steamed milk.
      (Whip cream, optional)

    • americano

      Espresso combined with hot water.

    • red eye

      Espresso topped with drip coffee.

    • miele

      Espresso, with steamed milk, honey and cinnamon.

    • drip coffee

      Good ole cup of Joe.

    • steamer

      Steamed milk with flavored syrup.

    • hot chocolate

      Chocolate ganache (made in-house), steamed milk, whipped cream.

    • hot tea

      Many options of loose-leaf tea.

Cold Drinks

    • Cold Drinks

    • iced latte

      Espresso, combined with cold milk & ice.

    • iced mocha

      Chocolate ganache, espresso, combined with cold milk & ice.

    • iced americano

      Espresso, topped with ice water.

    • iced coffee

      Great drip coffee, combined with ice. (Milk and flavors optional)

    • chai latte

      Spiced tea, combined with cold milk & ice.

    • soda

      Coke products.

    • sweet tea

      A southern favorite. Freshly brewed, served with ice.

    • bottled water