About the Factory

Why The Factory?

The Factory is located Mocksville NC. We saw a need in our town for a real, genuine coffeehouse. The ideas started coming together in about 2012, and slowly became the concept that is The Factory. We wanted a charming little place where people could first and foremost get a spectacular cup of coffee or espresso drink. Just having that would have been nice enough, but we wanted to real place of community. A place where you are always greeted with kindness. When people are happy, their quality of life is improved, so I guess you could say that we exist to improve lives.


Why Krankies?

From their website......"Krankies Coffee sources and roasts exceptional specialty coffees from around the world. Our green coffee purchasing is driven first and foremost by cup quality. Selecting high elevation, slower ripening varieties allows us to achieve the characteristics we seek in our coffees and support farmers that forgo industrial agricultural and processing practices for lower impact methods that support soil health. As a part of this approach, we strive for honesty, transparency, sustainability, and excellence in our purchasing and work to build long term relationships with like-minded growing, exporting, and importing partners.

We pay premiums well above the coffee commodities market and Fair Trade standards to better compensate the farmers that grow these outstanding coffees. These premiums help transform the communities from which we source and provide tangible benefits that positively impact the quality of living for the farmers and their families."